BEATLES first webinar and workshop: Behavioural research and insights for transitioning to sustainable food systems

On April 23, 2024, the BEATLES project held its first webinar and workshop on transitioning to sustainable food systems, organised by Q-PLAN International and Sustainable Innovations (SIE) respectively. The event gathered 108 attendees from diverse backgrounds, including researchers, policymakers, and industry experts.

Key presentations included:

  1. The BEATLES Horizon Europe presented by the project coordinator Marilena Gemtou from the Agricultural University of Athens.
  2. Transition to Sustainable Food Systems: Søren Marcus Pedersen from the University of Copenhagen discussed findings from farmer surveys, emphasizing factors influencing adoption of climate-smart agriculture. Stakeholders stressed local production, waste management, and digitalization as critical, advocating for policy support and supply chain coordination.
  3. Methane Emission Reduction: Simone Cerroni of the VISIONARY project explored dairy farmers’ preferences for subsidy schemes, revealing barriers like financial constraints and uncertainty. The study compared action-based and result-based schemes, highlighting impacts on farmer decision-making.
  4. Consumer Attitudes: Irina Popescu from The European Consumer Organisation addressed consumer willingness to adopt sustainable eating habits, despite challenges like cost and information gaps. Policy changes were proposed to promote affordable, sustainable foods and set standards for imported goods.

The workshop engaged participants in interactive sessions to address challenges and strategies for advancing climate-smart farming practices, highlighting collaborative efforts towards sustainable food systems.

Missed our first webinar? Watch it here!