Roundtable meeting – environmental- and climate efficient livestock production

The Food & Bio Cluster Denmark (FBCD) recently organised the first of two roundtable meetings aimed at creating a professional network for individuals involved in Danish livestock production. These roundtable discussions, along with the broader network, are being facilitated by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark. The network is intended to bring together various stakeholders, including primary producers, industry representatives, advisors, researchers, knowledge institutions, educational bodies, investment institutions, and other relevant actors who share a common interest in promoting more environmentally friendly and climate-efficient livestock production practices.

The inaugural roundtable meeting took place on October 6th, 2023, at Arla’s Innovation Farm Klink in Western Denmark. The second meeting is scheduled for December 8th, 2023.

Establishing a network with a focus on livestock production is of paramount significance. While the agricultural sector plays a crucial role in providing food for a growing global population, it also contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Denmark has made notable strides in making its agricultural sector more efficient through collaboration between farmers, industry partners, and research institutions. However, there remain ample opportunities for further improvements.

The agricultural sector is central to the green transition, but the exact path it should take is still being determined. This network and collaborative effort have the potential to guide and shape the sector’s journey toward greater environmental sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, this network is being formed to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders from the agricultural sector, fostering cooperation and innovation to address the challenges and opportunities in Danish livestock production.