Work plan

WP1 - Systemic identification of “lock-ins” and “levers” in the decision-making of agri-food actors

WP1 will develop the integrated framework of individual, systemic, and policy factors as well as existing climate-smart practices and technologies influencing behavioural change for transition to climate-smart food systems. Furthermore, this WP will establish the systemic approach, through participation of value chain stakeholders in co-creation activities, adopted throughout the project. The integrated framework will form the basis on which behavioural experimental research will be designed.

WP2 - Design and Implementation of behavioural experiments

WP2 will plan, implement and evaluate the lab and field experiments conducted in the five selected UCs to examine the effect of selected behavioural interventions in the adoption of sustainable, climate-smart practices. The necessary framework, methodology and evaluation procedures will be set in place to derive meaningful behavioural insights in order to improve farm advice and inform better business strategies and policies.

WP3 - Sustainability and Behavioural Change Assessment

WP3 focuses on the sustainability assessment of behavioural interventions and climate-smart agriculture practices used in the experimental settings with regard to environmental, economic and social impact. Results will form the basis for designing and developing business models as well as policy recommendations and tools.

WP4 - Transition toward fair business models and shaped market conditions

WP4 will develop fair value propositions and business models that will match the market segments’ needs, identified via segmentation analysis.

WP5 - Transition through policy recommendations and tools

WP5 will design behaviourally-informed policy recommendations and tools and will build the capacity of advisors and policy makers, through guides, training and participatory workshops.

WP6 - Dissemination, exploitation and communication

WP6 will take the steps necessary to boost the project’s ecosystem development and stakeholders’ engagement along the value chain, through fit-for-purpose dissemination and communication activities, synergies, exploitation plans and the establishment of a climate-smart agriculture network of interest.

WP7 - Project Management & Quality Assurance

WP7 is dedicated to the project’s management, coordination and monitoring activities that enable the efficient progress, meeting the contractual obligations and the quality expectancies of the consortium.