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BEATLES aspires to identify the individual, systemic and policy lock-ins and levers that influence entire food systems behavioural change and to develop transformation pathways of change to accelerate the systemic and systematic transition to climate-smart agriculture and smart farming technologies, fully aligned with the ambitions of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies, and the new CAP at regional and EU levels.

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Steps beyond: Soil Health Dashboard

Soil health is high on the EU political agenda. The European Green Deal, and other policies, recognise soil health as...

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Circular (bio)economy: a promising pathway for sustainable farming and development in rural areas?

The circular economy and bioeconomy are recognised as potential solutions for achieving sustainable development. Alth...

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BEATLES holds its 3rd hybrid project meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

The BEATLES project held its 3rd consortium meeting on June 25, 2024, in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the β€œDepartment of F...

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