Articles & Papers

Review on the contribution of farming practices and technologies toward climate-smart agricultural outcomes in a European context

Authors: Kassa Tarekegn Erekalo, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Tove Christensen, Sigrid Denver, Marilena Gemtou, Spyros Fountas, and Gohar Isakhanya

Business strategies towards climate-smart agriculture in Europe: A literature review

Authors: Gohar Isakhanyan, Christopher Jr. Galgo, Marilena Gemtou, and Søren Marcus Pedersen

Farmers’ Transition to Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Systematic Review of the Decision-Making Factors Affecting Adoption

Authors: Marilena Gemtou, Konstantina Kakkavou, Evangelos Anastasiou, Spyros Fountas, Soren Marcus Pedersen, Gohar Isakhanyan, Kassa Tarekegn Erekalo, and Serafin Pazos-Vidal

Drivers and barriers to climate-smart agricultural practices and technologies adoption: Insights from stakeholders of five European food supply chains

Authors: Søren Marcus Pedersen, Kassa Tarekegn Erekalo, Tove Christensen, Sigrid Denver, Marilena Gemtou, Spyros Fountas, Gohar Isakhanyan, Arno Rosemarin, Nelson Ekane, LiseLotte Puggaard, Magdalena Nertinger, Harm Brinks, Diana Pusko, Jon Bienzobas Adrian