ZPS showcases the BEATLES project at MAIA webinar and journalists’ breakfast meeting

At the heart of the European Union, our food system is confronted with pressing challenges. Unsustainability looms large, but the BEATLES project has arrived with a transformative vision. Our systematic review has unveiled the key factors that impact farmers’ transition to climate-smart agriculture and consumer behavior, and we are grateful for our partner, Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije (ZPS) | Slovene Consumers’ Association, for ensuring that the consumers’ perspective is not overlooked.

In October 2023, the BEATLES project took center stage at two events. Our partner, ZPS, presented the project at a webinar hosted by our sister project, MAIA Resilience EU, and also during a breakfast meeting with journalists, which saw the participation of seven journalists and resulted in a few media articles. The aim of these events was to present the project’s findings and the challenges faced by eco-farmers in Slovenia.

We firmly believe that change is possible and that together, we can revolutionize the EU food system.