Framework Law on Sustainable Food Systems

The BEATLES project  continues to monitor progress on the legislative proposal to be made by the European Commission for a Framework Law on Sustainable Food Systems. It is expected to be launched probably in September 2023.

The Advisory Group on the Sustainability of Food Systems met last 12 July 2023 under the direction of DG SANTE although it is co-led by several DGs: SANTE, AGRI, ENV and MARE.

The overarching objective of this Framework Law is to improve the functioning of the internal market, in a manner that enables the systemic changes needed by all actors for the transition to a resilient and sustainable EU food system. It pursues:

  • Strengthen the coherence of EU food system law, by mainstreaming a harmonised approach to sustainability in all food-system policies.
  • Facilitate sustainable choices by food system actors and establish a favourable and transparent food environment.
  • Incentivise food related operations to become increasingly sustainable.

The group discussed the results of the impact assessment carried out as well as the feedback received in the 2022 public consultations on the Framework Law.

Furthermore, they addressed sustainability from various dimensions: social, economic and environmental, as well as the terms food system, food environment and sustainable diets.

Read the contribution to the EU public consultation on the Sustainable EU food system – new initiative that BEATLES project submitted last July.

Author: Blanca Casares (AEIDL)